`The Small` Concept is inspired us… as every body knows: Our Eyes and Iris are so small if you
compare with our body, but we can see and feel all the world and our universe with them!
As a conclusion: We just would like to share with anyone what is valuable, special and unique for us …
so we try to give an inspiration anybody with what we inspired how we inspired… So buying & selling
not the real and focused goal for us…
We trust that if we inspired when we buy&sell that`s the one of the key of the happiness that anyone
usually looks for it in this small world ! 🙂
Every one is unique… every seller and online store is unique we know that and love that…
But all buyers are, too.
So that`s the why we are. That`s the why we are here.
We are so fresh but our hopes and challenges are so valuable. So we have a great goal! with all each
of you.
Thank you!.